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NIP-05 Creation Tool

NIP-05 defines a way to verify a Nostr account by mapping Nostr keys to DNS-based internet identifiers.
As we can read from the documentation, if the public key for the given 'name' in the JSON on the user's server matches the pubkey from the set_metadata event on Nostr, the client then concludes that the given pubkey can indeed be referenced by its identifier.


{ "names": { "david":"a976156de0384616921e32bfc8314cc647d33843af649d2d91faabb2450b808d" } };
will say that the Nostr public key a976156de0384616921e32bfc8314cc647d33843af649d2d91faabb2450b808d represents "david" for the domain in which this JSON is put.

How the tool works?

The tool generates a .zip file. Inside you have a .htaccess file for your Apache server and a folder which contains a JSON called "nostr.json".
You simply need to paste the unzipped contents in the domain you prefer.
For example, I wanted to put my NIP05 identifier in my domain davidcoen.it, so I pasted .htaccess file and the .well-known folder in the public.html folder.

Convert Nostr Public Key in NPUB format to HEX format

If you already have your Nostr Public Key in HEX format, skip this step.

Conversion tool provided by Damus.

Enter Nostr Public Key in HEX format

Choose a name

If you want to simply show the domain name instead of the format "name@domain", you can use the name "_", so you will get something like:
{ "names": { "_":"a976156de0384616921e32bfc8314cc647d33843af649d2d91faabb2450b808d" } };
which sould be rendered as "domain.com" in the Nostr client. In my example is "davidcoen.it".

If this helps you and you want to drop some sats, you can send a Lightning payment to davidcoen@getalby.com or use this button