Resources | DAVIDCOEN.IT

An incomplete list of resources I use on a daily basis for my job.
Some of them are external resources, some have been created by me.


A list of resources for Nostr:

You can follow me here:
Nostr PubKey: npub149mp2m0q8prpdys7x2lusv2vceraxwzr4ajf6tv3l24my3gtszxsncas0t7
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Bitcoin (BP)

A list of resources for Bitcoin (BP):

Lightning Network (LNP)

A list of resources for the Lightning Network (LNP):

My node URI public IP: 02e74c09ca720c891221164424651f62176a4737a4b2fd4f75a5befee127e90b9e@

My node URI tor:02e74c09ca720c891221164424651f62176a4737a4b2fd4f75a5befee127e90b9e@76yxjhon45bmnzafi26q2ow2a35vuk7qegnbg4o5ua4gkxbbe5zdwwid.onion:9735

LNP/BP free servers

A list of my servers, you can use for free:

Shitcoins & general

A list of tool for shitcoins and other stuff:


If this helps you and you want to drop some sats, you can send a Lightning payment to or use this button